About Our Business Portfolio

Tokai Denki’s business is built around three pillars; our In-vehicle Business which is a key industry, our Industrial Machinery Business which is the focus for manufacturing, and our Medical Components Business which supports healthy lives.

We propose various ideas related to materials, functionality and systems based on the needs of markets and our customers.

We utilize the characteristics of hundreds of business partners to meet our customers’ needs for material selection, manufacturing method selection, and appropriate choices of production technologies, etc.

Our mission is to continue our pursuit for businesses that enable “happiness for people and the future.”

TokaiElectrics business domains
In-vehicle Business

In-vehicle Business

  • Sales of motor-related components
  • Sales of switch-related components
  • Sales of design panel components
  • Sales of optical communications-related special molded products and assemblies
  • Sales of materials and fabricated products for navigation
  • Design of circuits on substrate and sales of substrate products
  • Sales of wiring harness components, materials and fabricated products
  • Sales of insulating materials and fabricated products
  • Sales of components, etc. for engines and auxiliary equipment
  • Sales of exterior components
Industrial Machinery Business

Industrial Machinery Business

  • Sales of factory automation-related magnets, fabricated products and highly functional materials
  • Sales of power generator-related materials and fabricated products
  • Sales of materials and fabricated products for office automation multifunction printers
  • Sales of magnets for air conditioner compressors
  • Sales of housing-related electrical wire fabrication, resin materials and fabricated resin products
Medical Components Business

Medical Components Business

  • Sales of various tubes, electrical wires and fabricated products
  • Sales of various molded products, precision fabricated products, surface treatments and composites

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