Main business activities

We are meeting market needs by delivering materials, components, production equipment and engineering materials for powertrains, air conditioning, interior and exterior, driving safety, telecommunications-related and other products used in the automotive and motorcycle industries.

Automotive industry

  • Sales of motor-related components
    (magnets, insulating materials and fabricated products)
  • Sales of switch-related components
    (highly functional resin molded products, capacitive sensors)
  • Sales of design panel components
    (fabricated decorative metal products)
  • Sales of optical communications-related special molded products and assemblies
    (optical lenses, special resin molded products) Sales of materials and fabricated products for navigation
    (fabricated film products for operation panel)
  • Design of circuits on substrate and sales of substrate products
  • Sales of wiring harness components, materials and fabricated products
  • Sales of insulating materials and fabricated products

Motorcycle industry

  • Sales of components, etc. for engines and auxiliary equipment
    (powder metallurgy, various fabricated metal products)
  • Sales of assemblies for electric motors
  • Sales of wiring harness components, materials and fabricated products

List of main suppliers

Examples of units that use our products

Motor-related componentsMotor-related components

Navigation-center console-related componentsNavigation/center console-related components

Switch-related componentsSwitch-related components

Automotive and motorcycle systems unitsAutomotive and motorcycle systems units

In-house development

We are making maximum use of our Group networks, utilizing our in-house development expertise and delivering all sorts of product technologies, development proposals and other solutions to help bring happiness to everyone.

Main development examples

Aluminum floating contact switch components

We are developing products through trial and error in pursuit of quality and product functionality. Our unique fabrication methods are also receiving high praise.

Synthetic marble fabrication

Based on the image of a gear shift lever, this product is a result of materials and fabrication methods trialed and proposed from other industries in our pursuit of new design and functionality, with a freedom of ideas not bound by industry frameworks.